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Munnar Tea Hills Darjeeling’s Tea Strikes Green Leaf Grading Taiwan’s Tea Competitions Withering Dance CTC Oxidation Conveyors Matcha Sweets Iced Tea Vendor

Munnar Tea Hills

Although Munnar, India, is known for its quantity of tea (rather than its quality of tea), it is one of the most beautiful tea producing regions in the ...

Darjeeling’s Tea Strikes

A current of pain and passion ran through the protest site outside the Darjeeling district magistrate’s office this spring. When I arrived on April 3, a hunger strike ...

Green Leaf Grading

In many British-influenced tea producing areas, teas are graded according to leaf type, leaf size and the number of leaves plucked at a time. Here, green leaves are ...

Taiwan’s Tea Competitions

It’s an early morning in December 2011, and I’m heading down the main road in Lugu, located in Taiwan’s Nantou County. For a small town, there are an ...

Withering Dance

In San Lin Xi, Taiwan, tea workers spread fresh leaves out for withering. Their work is exacting, rhythmic and elegant. With a change of lighting, it could be ...

CTC Oxidation Conveyors

Here, CTC tea is oxidized on a conveyor belt. It is part of one of the world’s most automated tea factories. Note how the tea darkens as it ...

Matcha Sweets

In Tokyo, Matcha green tea is often fused with Western and traditional Japanese sweets to form innovative flavor profiles. This dessert plate at a tea cafe in Tokyo ...

Iced Tea Vendor

When interacting with hundreds of tea vendors around the world, it is impossible not to see each one’s personal style shine through in their preparation and serving methods. ...

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16 Feb

Biofach 2016 Tea Trends

I recently returned home from Biofach in Nuremberg (or, as it’s written in Germany, “Nürnberg”). For those who aren’t already ...

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17 Feb


I think I’m in love. With a town, that is. Taiwan has a thing for concentrating certain specialties in certain ...

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08 Jan

A Taiwanese Tea Expo

I spent last weekend at a tea expo in Taichung, Taiwan. To be totally honest, I wasn’t expecting that much ...

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30 Dec

A New Tea Center

I study, volunteer and live at a tea center in Taiwan. It’s known as Tea Sage Hut, and known for ...

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