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Munnar Tea Hills Green Leaf Grading

Munnar Tea Hills

Although Munnar, India, is known for its quantity of tea (rather than its quality of tea), it is one of the most beautiful tea producing regions in the ...

Green Leaf Grading

In many British-influenced tea producing areas, teas are graded according to leaf type, leaf size and the number of leaves plucked at a time. Here, green leaves are ...

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17 Feb


I think I’m in love. With a town, that is. Taiwan has a thing for concentrating certain specialties in certain ...

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08 Jan

A Taiwanese Tea Expo

I spent last weekend at a tea expo in Taichung, Taiwan. To be totally honest, I wasn’t expecting that much ...

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30 Dec

A New Tea Center

I study, volunteer and live at a tea center in Taiwan. It’s known as Tea Sage Hut, and known for ...

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07 Nov

Ali Shan

Ali Shan is a famous tea-producing region in Taiwan. It is known for its high-mountain oolongs, but its fame is ...

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