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General About Us

We are a team of innovative, impactful content producers with a specialization in all things tea: from articles, web copy and design, stock photography, menu copy, catalogs and related digital and print content. If you’re looking to get more hits on your tea website, more customers in your tea shop or tearoom, or more information into the minds of your tea business’s clients, investors or employees, we’re your go-to source.



Lindsey Goodwin


Lindsey is a tea fanatic and the founder of Copy & Taste and has worked in the tea industry as a consultant and writer since 2005. Her areas of expertise include copywriting, staff training, events and branding. Lindsey’s client list includes a handful of major U.S. tea retailers / wholesalers, multiple international brands, a range of online tea start-ups, and numerous industry and consumer publications.

Her tea of the moment: Bai Hao Oolong


Elin Headrick


Elin comes to the rescue when Copy & Taste gets overloaded with projects. She is a graphic designer, writer and photographer with a marketing twist and has worked in the tea industry since 2006. Check out her work at www.teafolio.com.

Her tea of the moment: Red Blossom’s Organic Snow Peony


Elle Cardenas

Lead Design

Elle is the lead designer behind Copy & Taste. She is an art director/illustrator who draws expertise from the ad agency world and brings with her several years of experience with large entertainment and CPG brands. Elle’s portfolio includes clients like Fox, Warner Home Entertainment, Blizzard Entertainment, Folger’s, DIAGEO, Treasury Wine Estate, Sutter Home, and Godiva to name a few.

Her tea of the moment: Teance’s Yellow Gold Orchid



Areas of Expertise

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Product descriptions and other web copy, including blog posts and SEO
  • Tea tasting notes and pairings
  • Branding through marketing campaigns, site text, packaging copy and design, logos, etc.
  • Tea industry news
  • Printed materials, including catalogs, menus and marketing materials
  • Our Clients

    We love working with clients who are passionate about tea. If they offer a unique tea experience, product and / or line, that’s even better! The more of a vision you have for your brand and your company, the more we enjoy working with you to realize that vision. Our ideal clients learn and grow with us. They provide unique writing and design opportunities for outstanding products. We provide stellar creative. Both companies benefit.

    How We Taste Tea

    A major part of what we do is write copy about tea. In order to do this, Lindsey tastes a lot of tea. Rather than approach it from the angle of a professional tea taster (which involves numerically rating teas based on tannins, acidity, etc.), she views tea the way a wine critic views wine. Here’s Lindsey waxing pretentious on how she tastes tea:

    1. I eschew spicy and pungent food the day before a tasting. My tastings begin in the morning, when my palate is fresh, my mind is clear and the natural light in my tasting room is at its best.
    2. For each tea, I bring freshly filtered water to its ideal brewing temperature. Then, I measure each tea’s quantity and brew time and brew with accuracy and precision.
    3. I taste only two to three teas at a time, focusing on a particular category (such as floral teas or teas from a particular region) as I taste.
    4. Throughout the tasting process, I strive to understand what makes each tea unique and appealing. This means observing the appearance and aroma of the leaf and liquor, as well as the flavor, mouthfeel and aftertaste of the brew.
    5. After an initial tasting, I might steep a tea up to five times, add milk or sugar, or see what it’s like iced. It all depends on the particular flavor profile of the tea in question. Depending on the branding of the tea, I may also consider the personality, body effect, and / or pairing / culinary capabilities of the tea.
    6. I take extensive notes on each tea I taste. To ensure accuracy and precision, I taste no more than a dozen teas in a single day, working from mild to bold as I cup them. For tasting notes on particularly unusual teas, I often recruit additional tasters (usually professionals in the food industry). After tasting teas, I narrow my notes down to the most compelling and relevant details given the target demographic and branding for each project.